Google Positions Assistant At the Top of Its Hardware Pyramid

Amazon Alexa to Reach Mobile Accessories Soon, Vuzix Showcases Alexa-Enabled AR Glasses

Google Assistant announced third-party actions nearly a year back and there are lots of things you are missing. When asking the Smart Display where to go for dinner, it will show nearby restaurant recommendations from Google Maps, which the user can then tap to learn more about different locations.

One of the more eagerly covered gadgets of CES this year is a set of $1,000 (£740) smart glasses made by Vuzix. One quarter of smart speaker owners report having a Google Assistant product such as Google Home or Google Home Mini. The smart display also includes Google Cast support for multiroom audio, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and IPX4 splash proof protection so you can take the display to the pool.

Google has also published an introductory video with Google Assistant working on a smart display.

Thankfully, there is not the case with Google Assistant anymore. Whether that's accessing Google Photos through LG's new line of TV sets, or checking a morning commute on Lenovo's Smart Display, more consumers will run their home and vehicle by voice through Google Assistant this year. The mirror already has Amazon's Alexa built in and responds to your commands accordingly, but do they have to be your commands?

As CES gets underway, Amazon and Google are likely to turn up the volume on their respective business deals with electronics makers in a bid to control voice-based user interfaces.

Being powered by Google's services, the Lenovo's Smart Display comes with all types of features and it will give you the best of experience of using a digital smart display with advanced technical features.

Amazon also revealed today that Alexa users in the U.S. can now control their microwave ovens with simple voice commands, by stating phrases such as: 'Alexa, defrost three pounds of chicken'.

While Amazon was noticeably missing from the show in terms of booth presence, the company's technology did manage to find its way into some fairly significant new product announcements.

But Amazon is leading the race to make software that can control other machines. You can control the lights with your voice.

Amazon says there are four new capability interfaces in Alexa's Smart Home Skill API - Alexa.Cooking, Alexa.Cooking.TimeController, Alexa.TimeHoldController, and Alexa.Cooking.PresetController.