Iran marks end of 2009 vote unrest amid new demonstrations

People gather to protest over high cost of living in Tehran Iran

The demonstration was organized by the International Coalition of Women Against Fundamentalism (ICWAF) who issued a release urging the Canadian government to publicly support the Iranian people as well as their demands for rights and regime change.

President Trump weighed in Sunday for the second time.

The tweet has since been deleted, however.

While police have arrested some protesters, the country's powerful Revolutionary Guard and its affiliates have not intervened as they have in other unauthorized demonstrations since the 2009 election.

"No shots were fired by the police and security forces". Takfiri is a term used for Sunni militants, especially the Islamic State. At least one of the videos was verified by BBC Persian.

"Those who damage public property, disrupt order and break the law must be responsible for their behaviour and pay the price", Interior Minister Abdolrahman Rahmani Fazli said on state television.

The US Department of State described the rallies as peaceful.

It is the biggest display of dissent since huge pro-reform rallies in 2009.

The antigovernment protests were sparked by a surge in prices of basic food supplies, such as eggs and poultry.

The protests have included chants and slogans against Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the clerical leadership in power since 1979 revolution.

As night fell, reports were still coming of protests in many cities.

Iranian authorities have blamed external forces for fomenting the protests, saying the majority of social media reports were emanating from regional rival Saudi Arabia or exile groups based in Europe.

"Seyed Ali [Khamenei], shame on you".

In a televised speech, he said Iranians had the right to protest and criticise the authorities.

In another video from Tehran, protesters appeared to tear down a Khamenei poster.

"In the New Year, our hopes and prayers are with the millions of people who are suffering terribly from oppressive governments in North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, and especially in Iran, where the long-repressed Iranian people are now finding their voice", Haley declared.

"Iran's leaders have turned a wealthy country with a rich history and culture into an economically depleted rogue state whose chief exports are violence, bloodshed and chaos", the statement said.

An Iranian woman raises her fist amid the smoke of tear gas at the University of Tehran during a protest driven by anger over economic problems, in the capital Tehran on December 30, 2017.

"I am pleading. I'm asking everyone come and help us. If they plan a gathering, they should apply [for a permit], and it will be examined", he told the Young Journalists Club news website.

The spontaneous demonstrations appear to be the largest to strike the Islamic Republic since its 2009 Green Movement arose after Mr Ahmadinejad's re-election.

"This is more grass-roots". "But the root causes, and the much deeper resentment, go back decades".

"The chant of "Leave Syria alone, do something for us" reflects the people's opposition to regime's warmongering in the region".

Dozens have been arrested during the three days of protests. He warned that North Korea is watching how the United States conducts itself as protests continue in Iran.

His tweet seemed to be an nearly word-for-word copy of an earlier post by White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, who also warned: "The world is watching". "The world is watching!" He argued that Trump's supportive messages for the Iranian people on Twitter are an inadequate response.