Say Hello To LG's Most Affordable 4K HDR Projector

Say Hello To LG's Most Affordable 4K HDR Projector

According to LG, the new UHD projector, called the HU80KA is approximately half the size of a now available 4K projector.

LG has also failed to disclose the price and release date of the projector itself - a common trick at CES, where mouthwatering gadgets are revealed weeks or even months before they are priced and given a shipping date. With integrated support for HDR 10, the device is also designed for the ultimate viewing experience that users can expect out of a projector. It is a compact and upright device that can create a huge 150-inch screen on your wall. This model is actually half the size of competing 4K-capable projectors on the market, and while pricing hasn't been announced, LG does say that it'll be "affordable". The right way to go about it is to add it to a sound bar or as most people do, you can always experience the best surround by using an amplifier combined with 5.1 or 7.1 speaker setup to enjoy true theater like experience at home. This is largely thanks to a mirrorless I-shaped engine that makes this smaller than others out there without sacrificing quality. In terms of audio performance, the LG HU80KA projector features two 7W speakers.

The HU80KA projector also sports a convenient tower shape which LG said can be placed just about anywhere to project content on to a suitable surface. The projector's portable size and unique upright design is made possible by its mirrorless I-shaped engine, which allows the projector to show flawless images whether it is placed on the floor, mounted on the wall or hanging from the ceiling.

So how much is the LG HU80KA and when can we get hold of it? The device comes equipped with standard connectivity options for USB, Ethernet and HDMI ports, as well as wireless support for external devices such as a keyboard and mouse, offering endless access to high-quality content. It also allows the newest projector from LG to display ideal images no matter where it is positioned. The company will showcase its 2018 projector lineup at the CES 2018.