Trump, in Nashville, outlines plans to spur rural economies

Trump's Nashville Visit: What You Need To Know

Trump spent some time in his address on the new tax law he signed shortly before Christmas, telling producers about the $5.5 trillion in tax cut that will be offset by $4 trillion in other revenue changes.

"If we're able to do that, regardless of what strategies the president employs to get there - at the end of the day, if those three things happen, then the first person to benefit from that, in my view, is going to be the American farmer", the official added. "For years, many of you have endured burdensome fines, inspections, paperwork and relentless intrusion from an army of regulators at the EPA, the FDA and countless other federal agencies".

At the American Farm Bureau Federation's annual conference in Nashville, Tennessee, on Monday, under the theme "Rebuilding Rural America", Trump told the audience "you are forgotten no more".

President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to give rural areas access to high-speed broadband network, reports USA Today. Trump told the crowd that family farms and small businesses will now be spared the "punishment" of "the deeply unfair estate tax".

"It is proof of the importance that he places on all of us - rural and urban, north, south, east, west, and Midwest - working together to make our country even greater", he said.

He also said that farmers would be exempt of inheritance tax.

Providing broadband access to rural regions has always been a challenge, as there is a high cost associated with building out the necessary infrastructure and a small, low-density population that would be served by the access.

Trump spoke at the American Farm Bureau Federation convention in Nashville.

Mr. Boyd said, "I am proud that President Trump chose Tennessee to outline his vision for ending the opioid epidemic and expanding rural access to broadband". "On NAFTA I am working very hard to get a better deal for our farmers and ranchers and manufacturers". Trump praised farmers and touched on familiar topics, including patriotism and respect for the US flag and national anthem.

Since taking office, Trump has withdrawn from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal that was expected to raise net farm income by $4.4 billion per year, and threatened to pull out of NAFTA, which has been a boon for US farms.

"We are going to end chain migration", Trump said.

"Make sure you look up @realdonaldtrump", he said. Trump said. "You are so lucky that I gave you that privilege".

According to the White House, "the first of these two orders instructs the department of interior to dedicate a portion of its assets for rural broadband installation". So on Monday the president traveled to Nashville, to offer up more promises to the "forgotten man" in Trump country - the biggest being a plan originally introduced by Barack Obama.