Android P will prevent idle apps from recording using device's microphone

Google adds screenshot-editing tools to its Android app

Cyber security researchers explained that the new Android will focus on apps' User IDs, which each app creates when it is installed.

Google early this year announced that it will be combining Android Pay and Google Wallet into a "unified payment service" called Google Pay.

The best part about the new Google Pay app is that it is bringing both Google Wallet and Android Pay together.

The app is arranged in two parts- a "Home" tab and a "Cards" tab. Google Pay's Home tab gives users information regarding recent purchases, nearby stores, easy access to rewards, and other helpful tips. The Cards screen will allow you to organize your credit and debit cards, loyalty programs, offers and gift cards. As of now users in USA or the United Kingdom, would be able to use the app to send and request money within the next few months.

The new service is created to work across all of Google's products, not just Android, meaning we should start to see it as a payment option on desktop websites and Google Assistant soon. Google Pay can be used for transit in locations like Portland, London, and Kiev.

A number of popular apps have already been upgraded to support Google Pay, including Airbnb, HungryHouse and Fandango, with more coming soon. New users can download the Google Pay app today and existing Android Pay users will get updated over the course of the next few days. Google says more cities are also in the pipeline.

Just to recall, Android's Doze function restricts background app's access to network and CPU-intensive services. Google Pay should launch automatically; if it doesn't, try holding the phone closer to the terminal or changing its direction. The Google Play Store was developed by Google and has been included on every Android device released by various OEMs barring China. We know this is going to be a service that many people will use, especially as more stores accept it.

How this rule works is that when an app is identified as "idle" - that is, when the app is in Doze state - Android P's audio system will not allow the app to record audio using the device's microphone.