Chicago Police CDR Dies after Being Shot Multiple Times

Chicago Police Cmdr. Paul Bauer

A description of the suspect was broadcast on police radio, and when Bauer, who was off-duty, saw the offender, he approached him. The man physically fought with the officers and fled, according to Johnson.

The suspected shooter, who hasn't been identified, was arrested.

Johnson said he had a wife and daughter.

"It's a hard day for us but we will get through it", Johnson said, stopping to compose himself. "Any loss of life in this city is tragic, this one is hard". Superintendent Johnson said it started when officers on routine patrol "observed an individual acting suspiciously", and walked up to him to try to talk to him.

The shooting occurred at the Thompson Centre, a building in downtown Chicago that hosts government offices.

Bauer was able to catch the man but things got physical. Bauer confronted him, then he opened fire.

"Keep the family in your prayers".

Mayor Rahm Emanuel offered his condolences, too, calling Bauer's death 'a tragic reminder of the unsafe duty the men and women of our police department accept to ensure the safety of us all'.

"OK, is that an off-duty [police officer]?" the dispatcher said.

The dispatcher repeatedly asked for the officer but there was no response. "He took off, he was running from me, we just had a shooting the other day", the officer radioed.

Moments later, officers discovered Bauer in a stairwell. "Oh s--. Squad, I need somebody over here ASAP", one of the responding officers said, according to the Tribune.

Police in Chicago say a high-ranking member of its department is dead after being shot.

Commander Bauer's death prompted an outpouring of sympathy from elected officials, including Gov. Bruce Rauner of IL, who has an office near where the shooting occurred, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago, who has faced pressure to reduce the city's high homicide rate.