Google completes deal to buy part of HTC's phone division

Google Planning to Design More Chips to Reach the Same Calibre as Apple, Claims Latest Report

Many of these new highly skilled human resources are likely to be tasked with designing custom hardware chips for Google's Pixel smartphones. "You'll see a steady increase in investment from us". This will leave HTC to produce its own handsets concurrently, while Google can leverage the technology in its Made By Google range.

HTC has confirmed that the deal won't affect its product roadmap.

The company is now more focused on its Vive Virtual Reality business along with the Internet of Things, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Though we reported yesterday that making your own custom hardware requires a ton of cash even though it saves a bit on component costs, Google has a lot of liquid cash that it can use for this very goal. Bringing the team in-house should give Google more control over the smartphone design process, presumably bringing more unity to the Pixel line and deeper integration of hardware and software.

Osterloh, however, noted that other Android device manufacturers "know why we're doing this", he said.

A visitor uses a cell phone in front of the Google logo on September 26, 2012 at the official opening party of the Google offices in Berlin, Germany. One really interesting quote has been given by the company, which states that the company will still be competing in the smartphone market, even which the huge staff cut. The exec did not mention this year's new Pixel phones during the interview. Sales remain limited to nine countries, including the US, Germany, and Singapore. However, the company does have plans to "streamline" its device selection. Google pulled its services from mainland China in 2010 after refusing to censor its search results.

Since last year's Google Pixel smartphones were praised on numerous counts both by critics and fans, despite being just fair looking models, fans are hyped for a sequel.

So what makes things different this time around?