Google expands AMP to email with developer preview

Bringing the power of AMP to Gmail - The Keyword

The idea behind AMP Story same as you see on Instagram or Snapchat.

The internet giant unveiled the Gmail developer preview of AMP for email, a web-like experience created to make emails more engaging and interactive.

Google and a group of publishers came together to work building the story-focused format in AMP.

Users can find the stories by searching for one of the participating publishers on Google or following a link on a mobile browser to a test version of the stories. These are essentially news-related visual experiences meant to be displayed in the Google search results.

AMP stories are built on the technical infrastructure of AMP to provide a fast, rich experience on the mobile web. And AMP Stories seems like yet another shot at it.

Some big names in publishing were involved in the development, including Vox Media, Condé Nast, Meredith Corporation, and CNN.

Devin Coldewey of TechCrunch writes that "AMP for email is a bad idea", advising: "Not good, Google. Our team can easily create lovely, media-rich stories that our users can now access quickly across the web", said Doug Parker, Vice President of Digital Design at Meredith.

The Washington Post's homepage loads in less than two seconds, in part because of Google's AMP project (WSJ) which strips away unnecessary code so that essential information can appear more quickly.

The booming fast-paced image or video format, first employed by Snapchat, then by Instagram, and then finally by Facebook, allows Google to feature less text-heavy content and more image-driven articles.

Yes, that's right. Google has introduced AMP Stories for Google Search, because Stories are all the rage right now. "Because AMP for Email is an open spec, we look forward to seeing how other email clients will adopt it, too", Sahney wrote, perhaps indicating that rivals such as Outlook, Yahoo!

To access AMP stories, visit on your smartphone.

Of course, Google is also planning to integrate AMP for email with its own Gmail service, something that should happen later this year, Sahney said. Doing so would present you with a "Visual Stories" section that will show all the AMP Stories from the said publisher in a card-based layout.