Olympic Figure Skaters Credit God In Unlikely Return To Ice

Skaters Show Love @ Winter Olympics

"We wanted to skate for the 17 children that died in the Florida shooting, and today was much more than about us", Scimeca-Knierim said. Then in 2016, Alexa was diagnosed with a life-threatening gastrointestinal condition.

These lovebirds were the first married couple from the U.S. to compete at the Winter Olympics in 20 years. She lost a significant amount of weight, dropping down to 80 pounds.

"I can lift her, throw her, catch her".

Valentine's Day short program coming up soon! "But it was nice we got it out on Olympic ice".

But at least they executed a clean quad twist, where Alexa completes four horizontal revolutions high above the ice before Chris catches her.

Maia and Alex Shibutani competed for the the team portion, finishing second to the Canadian duo of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, who are viewed as one of the gold-medal favorites.

The Knierims, competing in their first Olympics, already have a bronze medal from the team figure skating event. The two take part in a group prayer before competitions and meet regularly with other Christian athletes in Colorado, where they now live, according to People. "This journey is really between Chris and's not about our score and it's not about the other teams being better than us". You never know whether or not you'll be back on Olympic ice again. They're living it, and even sealed their opening Olympic performance last week with a couple of on-ice kisses.

"I gotta be in professional mode when we're doing the big tricks to make sure I'm not wandering because of her good looks", Chris Knierim said. "I was not focused on it while we were skating, but now that we are done, after we've skated, there's an emotional hurt".

Before we get too sappy it should be noted that both of them are fierce competitors, with a strong desire to show why they are two-time national champions to get into the mix in Pyeongchang.