WATCH Fire Aboard Plane at California Airport Prompts Mass Evacuation

Southwest has'multiple glycol deliveries scheduled for Monday and expects to resume'close to normal operations at Midway

Hundreds of passengers were stranded at Midway Sunday, with deliveries of more de-icer not expected until Monday, according to the airline.

Southwest Airlines canceled all of its 220 flights from Chicago's Midway International Airport on Sunday due to a shortage of de-icing fluid, the airline confirmed to Business Insider.

Southwest said the airline company will continue to work with passengers to accommodate travel plans and have updated their customer accommodation policies on their website. An airline spokesperson said Southwest had "actively worked to manage" its level of glycol, which is used to de-ice aircraft, but "proactively" cancelled at least 220 flights Sunday after levels ran low, USA Today reports.

"Southwest has resumed operations at Chicago (Midway) and expects to operate a close to normal schedule".

This is the second time Southwest has dealt with de-icing difficulties at Chicago's Midway Airport since December.

The carrier had encountered a similar issue before Christmas, when it was forced to cancel approximately 90 flights as harsh weather conditions prevented its de-icing crews from servicing its planes.

Southwest Airlines Co said its operations mostly returned to normal at Chicago Midway Airport on Monday after the breakdown of one of its plane de-icing machines forced the cancellation of some 250 flights on Sunday.