Apple Music Adds New Ad-Free Music Videos Section in Browse

'Music Videos' section goes live in Apple Music

Apple on Thursday released iOS 11.3, which, perhaps most notably, lets you switch off its controversial slowdown feature and see a breakdown of your battery's health, so you'll know whether it needs to be serviced.

Apple Music has been updated with a feature that puts all of its music videos and music-related content into one place. The compatibility list includes iPhone models 5S and newer, all iPad Air and iPad Pro variations, iPad Mini 2 and newer, and fifth-generation and newer suffix-less iPads. The last version only supported horizontal surfaces (e.g. floors and tables).

As the Apple blogosphere has noted, the Music Videos remodel was supposed to be included in iOS 11.3, meaning its full-on release should be arriving soon. The A11 Bionic chip and TrueDepth camera give users the ability to record and send Animoji messages (and even create Animoji karaoke videos) using their voice and more than 50 different facial muscle movements.

The iPhone Battery Health feature is in beta. By visiting SettingsBatteryBattery Health (Beta), users can now see a percentage representing the health of their battery.

Apple says the big news is the addition of new computer vision technologies in ARKit that now allow AR applications to find and use two-dimensional planes like floors, walls, and tabletops as surfaces to augment. That's not all. iPhone X users will be able to enjoy four new Animoji - Lion, bear, dragon, and skull.

Messages in iCloud is finally available in iOS 11.3.

It is that level of control which remains in stark contrast to iOS, which is most noticeably now being updated with a new "Data & Privacy" icon and branding. All you need to do is navigate to Settings General Software Update.

When Apple issued an apology late past year for slowing down iPhones with older batteries, the company not only said it would drop the price of out-of-warranty replacement batteries to $29 from $79 but would also through this 11.3 update, let you monitor the health of your battery, and also turn off a feature that would let Apple intentionally slow down your phone. It's mainly just made up of features that coincide with iOS 11.3, such as the Business Chat mentioned above.