Apple will return to its roots with education tools, new iPad

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Citing data collected by a firm called Wave7 Research, Piecyk notes both that Apple likely is taking share of the USA smartphone market's sales in the March quarter, and also that its mix of units is tilting toward the newer iPhone X and iPhone 8-Plus. The announcement is also unusual in that Apple usually makes its product launches in California.

This is getting into speculation, but the Apple Pencil is a valuable educational tool that would make a great addition to the regular iPad line. It is uncertain if this is actually the upcoming iPad 2018 model next week, which is likely to snatch sales from Google and Microsoft in the education-based market.

The analyst reports that the American company is already working with suppliers to create this bendable iPhone, which would be launched on the market within two years.

As is its standard practice, Apple is playing its cards close to its chest and didn't respond to a request for comment. This will be a decidedly less "splashy" affair than typical Apple keynotes, but the company is looking to regain some ground lost in the education sector to Google's Chromebooks that are powered by Chrome OS. Google's Chromebook is said to have as much as 60 per cent of the market share with Windows PCs of Microsoft having 22 per cent share. The MacBook Air, introduced about a decade ago, hasn't seen a major change since 2010, the same year the iPad came out.

It appears that Apple is hoping to attract more teachers and students to try their latest offering.

Is Apple Really Working On A Foldable iPhone? The main reason is attributed to the fact that the $329 iPad released in 2017 was sold out like hot cakes with over 44 million units selling out across the world.

Given that rumours of low-priced iPads and a new MacBook Air have been swirling around for so long, and that Apple's scheduled the event at a school rather than a theatre, it's more than clear who Apple is targeting.

If you spent a lot of time mulling the company's event invitation, you might've suspected that a new Apple Pencil is coming. Apple now wants to clinch the same success by targeting students and teachers alike with its new iPad. (GOOGL), according to a Bloomberg report.