Donald Trump Jr. Gets 'Interviewed' by Chocolate Bunny at Pennsylvania Candy Factory

Congressional candidate for Pennsylvanias 18th district greets supporters after speaking at a campaign rally with United Mine Workers of America at the Greene County Fairgrounds

Democrat Conor Lamb and Republican Rick Saccone battled to the wire Tuesday night in a tighter-than-tight congressional election that pitted the strength of President Donald Trump in blue-collar America against the energy and anger of the political left. Aside from his lack of charisma, which even the president has privately noted, the Pennsylvania operative told me that Saccone had been backed by the state's machine politics, propelling him past two candidates preferred by the national party, potentially at the expense of repelling Trump's hardcore base. Trump and Romney, the last two Republican presidential candidates, both carried the district by close to 20 points.

"The observation there that's been interesting especially when it comes to the tax debate in the country is Republicans were sending millions of dollars attacking Conor Lamb on this tax package and his tax message", Democratic Rep. They're not throwing in the towel entirely, but they're very pessimistic.

What Evan Smith, the longtime political analyst for the Texas Tribune, said last week of Texas Democrats' quarter-century of wishful thinking of turning their state blue is true of Democrats more generally.

The misconception that the extreme right within the Republican Party elected Donald Trump is a misguided notion that will hurt the Republican Party if it becomes the party's conventional wisdom.

He added, the economy is set to get even better with jobs and wages going up. And he embraces unions, highlighting Saccone's anti-labor record at the statehouse - a noticeable deviation from Murphy's status as a union-friendly Republican. Republicans have a 24-seat advantage in the House pending the outcome in Pennsylvania.

As the polls throughout the race continued to show a tight race, the White House increasingly tried to bolster Saccone, with Trump holding a campaign event this past Saturday and the president's son Donald Trump, Jr., visiting on Monday.

"If we do nothing in terms of cutting programs, if we just keep things as they are, America's gonna go flat bankrupt over the next 10 years". Watch Pittsburgh television for an hour or so and you'll hear an ominous voice warning that Conor Lamb "isn't one of us". However, the matter is now in the hands of a three-judge federal panel, which is considering an appeal by Republican lawmakers.

It was open now only because longtime Republican congressman Tim Murphy, who espoused strong anti-abortion views, resigned last fall amid revelations of an extramarital affair in which he urged his mistress to get an abortion.

Nervous Nellie Republicans can take some consolation in the fact that Democrats still have miles to go to recoup the 1,042 seats up and down the ballot that, by Fox News' count, they lost during the hopey-changey presidency of Barack Obama. "He doesn't care about us", Trump said. Saccone serves as a state legislator who is an Air Force veteran.

Lamb answered the critique by saying he won't support Pelosi as floor leader, much less a return to the speaker's rostrum.

"It is really important for us to remind voters of not just what my father has accomplished and that he needs every Republican house member to continue that progress", said Trump an interview with the Washington Examiner after he and Saccone concluded a tour of the iconic family candy business that has been a Canonsburg staple since 1963. He also said he opposes major new gun restrictions - though he backs expanded background checks - and declared himself personally opposed to abortion, despite his support for its legality. The theme of the speech was to get energized against Democrats and the Democratic Party. His campaign has been endorsed by the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, the mine workers' union, and the steel workers. "Saccone backs a lot of President Trump's plans for the country", Gelb explained. You don't see me in the New-York-City-rubber-chicken-dinner-nonsense circuit.