Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Demo Now Available On Steam

Final Fantasy VII

With special episodes already launched for each of Noctis' buddies, as well as the co-op multiplayer Comrades expansion, there's more in the pipeline.

With Final Fantasy XV finally coming to PC in just a couple more weeks, director Hajime Tabata talked about some of the team's goals before its release in an interview with 4Gamer.

Instead of three new episodes spanning throughout 2018, the executives of the game chose to push for more, making it four episodes in the form of downloadable contents (DLCs).

Tabata does not think users want them to fill in the gaps of the main story anymore, and since Final Fantasy XV can not be completed even on the creative side, new developments different from the current Episode add-ons are being considered.

The team, however, does not want to rush these episodes, and, as such, might extend support for the latest entry in the storied series until next year.

While they received a generally warm reception, it is clear that Tabata wants to try something different for these final four episodes, so it will be interesting to see what they have in mind for their fans. The demo, which covers the entire first chapter of the game, will arrive on PCs February 26, 2018. Luna is the main heroine in Final Fantasy XV, and also appears in the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV film.

With its March 6 release date in sight, it's all go for Final Fantasy 15's PC debut.