Fortnite Leprechaun Skin Gives Players a Huge Advantage


The most popular streamer on Twitch says there is big money to be made playing video games. Despite any ire between the two games, players have been flocking to Fortnite, including Ninja.

It's no major secret that Fortnite Battle Royale has taken the world by storm, especially when one considers the fact that one financial analyst recently suggested that the game's success could mean trouble for other companies due to its potential to "impact engagement for all AAA games to some degree".

In a rare and frankly odd occasion, rap fans and gamers - and the intersecting population - came together when game streamer Ninja recruited Travis Scott and Drake into a livestream of Fortnite, which is now the go-to survival co-op shooting game on streaming platform Twitch. "It's just really fun to watch and a pretty positive environment as well". Ninja refers to himself as one of the best in this free-to-play Battle Royale game.

"People were saying, "People are killing me for my stuff" or "People are killing me just to troll" or whatever it might be, but we also understood that it was an important part of the genre up to that point", said Ben Lewis-Evans, User Experience Lead Researcher at Epic Games to Polygon.

As seen below in the clip from the official Unreal Engine YouTube channel, Fortnite players are given a look at the online personality known as Ali-A showing off the new features, as they will allow fans to use footage of recorded gameplay sessions to create replay videos.

Twitter/FortniteGame'Fortnite' may just have arrived for the mobile, and just on the iOS at that, but players have already bought million for in-app perks and items in the first 72 hours of the mobile game going live.

But other popular games included Minecraft, Pokemon, Rainbox Six Siege and PUBG.

One depicted a woman performing oral sex on a man while he played the game. However, what's in favor for Fortnite is that it is still only available on iOS and that by invite-only. And while Fortnite Mobile is coming to Android eventually, these games will hold you over. Who will claim Victory Royale?