Ireland to Expel 1 Russian Diplomat Over Skripal Case - Foreign Minister

Emergency services at the scene of the Ballinasloe crash

The Montenegrin government said Wednesday it had made a decision to expel a Russian diplomat and revoke the approval of the activities of the Russian Honorary Consul in the republic in connection with the poisoning of former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal, Sputnik International reports.

Ireland will expel a Russian diplomat over the nerve agent attack on a spy on British soil.

Tánaiste Simon Coveney has described the Salisbury chemical attack as an affront to global law and order as he announced the expulsion of one Russian diplomat.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has informed the Russian Ambassador of their intention to withdraw credentials for one staff member.

Tánaiste and foreign affairs minister Mr Coveney announced the expulsion after briefing cabinet colleagues at Government Buildings this morning.

She added that "citing solidarity with the British isn't enough" and described the government as asking parties "to trust Boris Johnson and that's not necessarily the wisest course of action".

Stating that all European Union states stand in "unqualified solidarity" with the UK, Coveney went on to say that the use of the Novichok nerve agent was an "affront to the global rules-based system on which we all depend for our security and wellbeing". "The individual in question is required to leave the jurisdiction".

Foreign Minister Simon Coveney called the nerve-agent attack on Skripal and his daughter a "shocking and abhorrent" use of chemical weapons.

Update 7.55am: An Irish diplomat is expected to be thrown out of Russian Federation in retaliation for the expulsion of one of their officials here.

The Russian Embassy in Canberra said the decision was regrettable and jeopardized bilateral relationships.

But Russia Today journalist Bryan Mc Donald says it is still an unproven allegation: "I can tell you for sure, Russia will expel an Irish diplomat as a effect and that will happen in the next couple of days".

Sergei and Yulia Skripal remain in a critical but stable condition in hospital following the Salisbury attack on March 4th.