'Lego The Incredibles' Game Lets Fans Become Pixar Superheroes

LEGO The Incredibles game officially announced, coming to Xbox One in June

The title will continue the trend of including an expansive roster of characters, and Lego The Incredibles uses that tool to highlight numerous briefly featured Supers in the original film through TT Games' own development and Pixar's decision to build out every Super within the universe.

Watch the new announcement trailer above. A LEGO Incredibles game is indeed on the way and set to release this summer.

Warner Bros. has chose to tell the people what they've known, courtesy of a few toy listings, for some time. WB Interactive and TT Games are promising an "epic hub world", which includes the city of Municiberg and Nomanisan Island, and, of course, all your favorite Incredibles characters in playable form. How excited are you for the upcoming movie sequel, The Incredibles 2?

LEGO The Incredibles game officially announced, coming to Xbox One in June

"The Incredibles franchise, full of super-powered characters, adventures and teamwork, combined with all of the humour, puzzle-solving elements and unexpected surprises of LEGO®games makes for the ideal combination for players, ' said TT Games" Managing Director, Tom Stone. Considering The Incredibles 2 is due to add 25 new superheroes to the roster, also expect the game to have one heck of a cast as the story progresses. Also, players can use LEGO blocks to build their own creations while also working with friends and family in a two-player co-op mode.

Bob Parr and his Incredible family are back in full force - not just on the big screen, but on your gaming console. LEGO® The Incredibles will be available for Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One on June 14, 2018, the same day The Incredibles 2 opens in theaters nationwide. "With LEGO The Incredibles, fans can experience the non-stop action from both movies while fighting crime together as a super hero family". Let us know your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below!