Senate passes revenue package for teacher raises

Oklahoma teachers win major pay raises from GOP legislature with threat of walkout

Just like many Oklahoma schools in our area, Vian has had to cut electives and AP classes.

McGavock is one of several organizers for the group, which stemmed from a discussion with her friend, Nicki Scott, about what parents could do ahead of the walkout.

Next Tuesday, Guymon schools may not be in session. Teachers have been wearing red shirts every Wednesday and encouraging supporters to do the same, according to the Arizona Education Association, which has 20,000 members who are teachers, counselors, bus drivers and retired educators.

The teacher also reportedly sent the student a photo of herself wearing a thong underwear. Additionally, more than 2,000 students identify as Native American, a fact that weighs heavily on McGavock. "We are pleased to be able to continue to serve our students and our community without disruption".

"All my educators in my district say, 'Hold strong, we're going to be up there next week".

"I reached out on Facebook and within seconds, literally seconds, I had 10 to 15 staff members that wanted to come in and help", said Sue Ellen Young, the Family Resource Center coordinator for Wellington Elementary School. Some, like Sapulpa, have publicly announced they'd like to re-open the schools by Thursday, sooner if possible.

Rebecca Garelli, a seventh grade science teacher at Sevilla West School in Phoenix, speaks during a #RedForEd rally at the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix on March 28, 2018.

"Almost every week I go to the store and buy stuff out of my own pocket, so that we can have projects just like what you saw. the radish seeds". "It's about making sure our students have the instructional materials they need to be successful in school and in the future". Stephanie Bice, R-Oklahoma City. They are taken advantage of due to their high level of commitment. "They're doing this all for the children so we are happy to assist them".

Now that teachers have a $6,100 average raise, Tinney said she fears educators will see public sympathy begin to erode if they push too hard, potentially alienating Capitol support.

Oklahoma lawmakers passed a bill Thursday giving teachers a $6,100 raise on average, but educators in the state - who rank among the worst paid in the country - are still planning to strike on Monday, demanding higher raises and more education funding. Timmons says, "Big purses, handbags, backpacks, things like that; if you don't have to bring them, please don't bring them".

Ryan Superintendent Marcus Chapman said there will be no punishment for the students who walked out and that he's proud of the students for supporting the teachers.

The EPS statement said, "Yesterday's historic events will make our schools better places to work and to learn and will allow us to avoid a school closure".