Trump at Gridiron Dinner: N. Korea called up about talks

North Korea coal pile policeman

North Korea's spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told the state-run Korean Central News Agency late Saturday that it won't accept US preconditions. "They said that 'we would like to talk.' And I said 'So would we, but you have to denuke, you have to denuke, '" Trump told attendees at the annual Gridiron Club dinner.

But the U.S. has ruled out any possibility of talks before the North takes steps towards denuclearisation, and imposed what Trump hailed as the "toughest ever" sanctions on Kim's regime late last month. "We will be meeting, and we will see if anything positive happens".

The decision to use a special aircraft, most likely one of the private military jets used by President Moon Jae-in according to administration sources, was unrelated to US sanctions that bar vessels and aircraft that have visited North Korea from entering the United States for six months.

Pyongyang has also fretted over a joint U.S.

The situation appears to have changed now that North and South Korea are talking again.

It was unclear if Trump was joking or he meant that North Korea contacted the USA through a certain channel to explore dialogue possibilities, or if he was referring to a senior North Korean official's recent comment hinting at the North's openness to dialogue with the U.S.

South Korea would send a delegation led by senior security officials for a two-day visit to North Korea starting on Monday, the presidency announced on Sunday, as US President Donald Trump hinted he was ready to talk to Pyongyang.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson revealed in Beijing in October that the us was interested in dialogue, but Trump intervened, asserting that talking to North Korea was a waste of time.

"It is the consistent and principled position of the DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea), a to resolve issues in a diplomatic and peaceful way through dialogue and negotiation", North Korea state news agency KCNA quoted the ministry as saying.

Kim Yo Jong's trip was the first visit to the South by a member of the North's ruling dynasty since the end of the Korean war and her appearance at the Games' opening ceremony made global headlines.

The insisting that North Korea's abandonment of its nuclear weapons program be on the table in any discussions. Moon has yet to accept Kim's invitation to visit Pyongyang for what would be the third inter-Korean summit talks.

If North Korea shows a willingness to disarm, it could indicate a restart of dialogue between Pyongyang and Washington to defuse the North Korean nuclear standoff.

Moon was invited north last month by Kim's sister, Kim Yo Jong, who also serves as the head of the country's propaganda department. Inter-Korean talks began after Kim Jong Un stated in his New Year's address he wanted to engage the South.

US Vice-President Mike Pence has said there is "no daylight" between the US and its regional allies on the need to "continue to isolate North Korea economically and diplomatically until they abandon their nuclear and ballistic missile programme".

The nuclear standoff with North Korea is seen as a major threat to global security.

The poll, conducted through individual conversations with 50 North Korean citizens in summer and fall a year ago, found that 43 of the respondents were ambivalent to highly negative about the nuclear development, according to Beyond Parallel, a project of the Washington, D.C. -based Center for Strategic and International Studies.