YouTube Now Banning Videos That Sells Guns

YouTube Now Banning Videos That Sells Guns

"YouTube doesn't allow content that encourages or promotes violence or risky acts that have an inherent risk of serious physical harm or death." said a letter from Youtube to Spike's Tactical that the gun manufacturer posted on Facebook. As a result, instructional videos that teach viewers to make or install their own gun accessories could be in violation of YouTube's terms of service.

The world's largest video site will also prohibit videos with instructions on how to assemble firearms, Bloomberg reported Wednesday.

Google's decision to invest in a media literacy project comes at an especially interesting and troubling time for YouTube.

As you might note this also covers accessories which includes accessories that will allow a firearm to simulate automatic fire, or an accessory that can convert a firearm to do so, along with high capacity magazine kits. Taking a less than mature approach, in a caption above a screenshot of YouTube's message, Spike's Tactical writes on their Facebook page, "The Liberal Left will slowly chip away at our freedoms and erode our rights, and the first step is to squelch our voice".

Spike's Tactical, the same company that came under scrutiny for a January advertisement that some said promoted violence against protesters, said its video channel was removed by the online distribution platform Tuesday. PornHub didn't immediately return a request for comment on the matter.

Following last month's school shooting in Parkland, Florida, videos describing survivors of the attack as "crisis actors" found their way to the top of YouTube's trending list - meaning that the platform's algorithm recommended them. YouTube's latest rules change comes in the wake of a series of hard-hitting decisions by major corporations, such as Delta Air Lines and vehicle rental company Hertz, to cut ties with gun manufacturers and the National Rifle Association.