Blake Farenthold Resigns Amid Harassment Allegations

BREAKING Rep. Blake Farenthold Resigns From Congress

National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee (NRCC) Chairman Rep. Steve Stivers of OH called on Farenthold to uphold his promise to reimburse taxpayers for the settlement.

In December, the House Ethics Committee said it would probe not only the allegations of sexual harassment and retaliation, but also whether Farenthold might have lied or omitted facts while giving testimony to the panel, and also whether he improperly used House resources to benefit his political campaign.

After Farenthold announced his resignation, the National Republican Congressional Committee requested once again that he pay back the $84,000.

Farenthold, 56, said he sent a letter to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott saying that he would leave Capitol Hill effective Friday.

In December, Farenthold said he would repay the $84,000, though he insisted that he "didn't do anything wrong" in tapping the funds.

In December, Farenthold had posted another video denying a former aide's 2014 accusations, including that he'd subjected her to sexually suggestive comments and behavior and then fired her after she complained.

Rep. Steve Stivers of OH, the GOP campaign chief, added that "Congress must hold ourselves to a higher standard and regain the trust of the American people".

However, the congressman used $84,000 controlled by the Congressional Office of Compliance to settle the lawsuit in 2015, triggering a probe past year by the House Ethics Committee after news reports of the payment.

Though, Farenthold had continued to deny such allegations but have taken the responsibility for the use of inappropriate language and his role in creating a hostile workplace.

"Since being elected to Congress in 2010, I've worked to make government more efficient and responsive, cut government spending, repeal Obamacare, protect life and reduce the debt", the Texas Republican said in his statement.

Currently, two Republicans are in a run-off race to replace him next year. "It's been an honor and a privilege to serve the constituents of the 27th district of Texas", he added.

"Leaving my service in the House", he said in his statement, "I'm able to look back at the entirety of my career in public office and say that it was well worthwhile".