Correction issued regarding misidentified body in Humboldt tragedy


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"It's a nightmare dream", he said.

It isn't. People wake up from nightmares.

Health care professionals were then able to correctly identify Labelle, and the Labelle and Tobin families were notified Sunday night, he said.

A GoFundMe campaign has launched to raise financial support for families impacted and, on Thursday, April 12, Canadians are planning to wear jerseys to show their support and love for the Humboldt community. Ten players on the Humboldt Broncos team, aged between 16 and 21, died when their team bus collided with a semi-trailer in Saskatchewan.

On Monday, the Saskatchewan coroner's office said two of the players involved in the crash had been misidentified. "And you see those comments of people from the public, that aren't in emergency services saying, "thank you" and those (comments) really help get you through that". "People from every walk of life are so overwhelmed by the tragedy of this". But what the Tobins must be experiencing is unfathomable. Ron MacLean of Hockey Night in Canada talks about being in the hospital room. For one year, commit yourselves to being unselfish and tell your children you love them, or a friend or a parent. Xavier is injured but did survive the bush crash that killed 15 including Parker Tobin.

"In fact, it was Xavier Labelle".

"I was getting ready to cook supper and then I got a phone call from a friend of mine who told me to put the news on and sure enough I turned it on and started to call some friends back in Humboldt, people we just visited previous year to see what was going on and if it was even real". She said immediate matters like funeral costs are only part of what she expects the victims' families to spend the money on.

On Monday, Drew Wilby, a spokesman for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice, said the Tobins have been understanding under the circumstances, but he acknowledged, "That was a tough phone call".

"I don't know how to deal with this", she wrote on Instagram.

Over the weekend, Tobin's family had tweeted that their son was alive.

Zablocki said a lot of issues have to be investigated, including weather conditions at the time and any mechanical issues with the vehicles. "They're all very similar ages and they're very athletic, of course". "He's also been provided with some mental health and wellness assistance", Zablocki said Saturday afternoon.

"We get on the bus for 30 games a season and you don't really think about it", Keca said. It speaks to how we come together.

That was before the news of the mix-up came out. Labelle said that was the right decision, given his personal involvement. Both families have asked for privacy while they are "grieving together".

As has Labelle, meaning in the midst of all the tragedy, there is something positive for one family.

"The images and the injuries that I saw yesterday, really that's what they reminded me of, when there was an airstrike and a massive number of people would be coming in at the same time in awful shape", said Masri, who has done work in war-torn Syria.