Ex-Dolphins OL Richie Incognito 'strongly' considering retirement

Peter King

Richie Incognito sent out a vague tweet, leading to speculation about what it meant.

Richie Incognito agreed to a pay cut with the Buffalo Bills last month, but the veteran offensive lineman may not be sticking around to collect his reduced salary.

In 2013, Incognito was suspended by the Dolphins for misconduct related to the treatment of teammate Jonathan Martin.

However, Sports Illustrated's Peter King reports Incognito is speaking with the Bills about his contract.

"I'm done. That's it", Incognito told The News.

"I don't have major health problems, ' he said, 'but I went and saw some specialists down here and they're like, "Listen, from your diet - your high-carbohydrate, high-protein diet - your kidney's [are] not functioning very well, your liver's not functioning very well".

Neither Incognito nor the Bills responded a request for comment from ESPN.

According to, Incognito lost $1.625 million when he restructured the a year ago of his current deal, but he did receive a $1 million bonus he'd owe Buffalo should he retire.

"It pisses me the (expletive) off", Incognito told the News of the re-worked deal. Incognito has started at left guard for the Bills for the past three seasons.

The NFL has not announced whether it has completed its investigation. "And that's it", Incognito said.

Incognito began Tuesday with a series of vague tweets, which began with "Good morning, FOOTBALL!"

Later, he mentioned the Twitter accounts of the NFLPA and the union's assistant executive director, George Atallah, in a note that read, "I'm done", followed by a winking emoji with its tongue stuck out.

Incognito completed his third season with the Bills, who provided him a second chance at continuing his career. In 2009, he began his first, short stay with Buffalo before going to the Miami Dolphins. The former Nebraska football star has been one of the best offensive linemen in the NFL while he played.