FBI raids Cohen; Trump brands Mueller's probe an 'attack on country'

SPECIAL COUNSEL Robert Mueller could ensnare President Trump in any misstatements

Chuck Schumer has warned President Trump against firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller after the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided his lawyer's office and home on Monday.

"It is clear, as I have been warning, Mueller is out to get the president and it appears at any cost".

Trump cannot technically fire Mueller, but could ask the deputy attorney general to do so on his behalf.

Mueller brought information involving Cohen to Rosenstein, who decided that the inquiry should be handled by federal prosecutors in NY, according to a person familiar with the situation.

It's been over 12 months and he and his team have handed over "more than 1 million documents", yet the special counsel continues to investigate whether his campaign colluded with Russian Federation to win the 2016 election, the president frustratingly noted.

Trump's attorney, Michael Cohen-whose office and residence were raided on Monday-"solicited the payment", the New York Times reports.

Mueller, a lifelong Republican, and his team of attorneys have been investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election and associated misdeeds in the president's orbit since May 2017. "Frankly, I can't imagine, because each of us has to come to terms with our own heart and conscience - I would fire the SOB in three seconds if it were me".

"We are at risk of a coup d'état in this country if we allow an unaccountable person with no oversight to undermine the duly-elected president of the United States", Gaetz said, echoing earlier remarks by writer Michael Walsh who asserts the Left is engaged in a "rolling coup attempt" against President Trump. Lindsey Graham said he didn't know the goal of Mueller's raid on Cohen, but added, "I just want to let Mr. Mueller do his job without any political interference".

The New York Times first reported that Federal Bureau of Investigation agents seized several documents including some related to the $130,000 payment made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford.

They spent several hours in the room, and the raid resulted in an "unnecessary seizure of protected attorney-client communications between a lawyer and his clients", Cohen's lawyer, Stephen Ryan, said. I've given over a million pages in documents to the special counsel.

Mueller reports to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed the special counsel past year after the recusal of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey. But we can't stand by and allow it to happen in America.

Schumer spoke out after Trump lambasted the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Mueller in particular following Monday's raid, calling him "conflicted" and "biased".

He said, "Here we are talking about Syria", and "I have this witch hunt constantly going on for over 12 months now".

By the end of the day Monday, Cohen faced an ominous future after the FBI raided his office, home and hotel room in NY as part of an investigation into possible financial crimes. We'll see what occurs, however I believe it is actually a tragic scenario whenever you take a look at what occurred.

And then the president seemed to go on to attack those carrying out the Russian Federation investigation, calling them "the most biased group of people" with "the biggest conflicts of interest I've ever seen".