Fortnite reveals new Port-a-Fort item that builds instant structures


Right above the Port-a-Fort announcement that previews the new grenade item, the announcement confirms that the Limited Time Mode will be coming back with some changes from the first version.

News broke earlier that Epic Games was planning to add yet another unique item to Fortnite in the form of the Port-a-Fort.

Sounds great for emergencies if you don't have enough resources to quickly build when under enemy fire. The accompanying video made it all look incredibly helpful, especially if you tend to find yourself caught off-guard when on the move.

On April 10th, it was announced via the "New Updates" menu that the fan-favorite "50v'50" game mode will be returning in the future to Fortnite: Battle Royale with a collection of new improvements.

It's not something I've ever thought about whilst playing Fortnite, but the next gadget that will be hitting the game is a portable forts. Thanks to the teaser which was released by Epic Games, now we know what the Port-a-Fort item is all about. The Port-a-Fort item aims to address this. When the patch notes are revealed we will update this post with the full information.

The change that adds a second bus is just one of the many differences that players can hope to expect from 50v50 v2. Something we are still waiting on is the inclusion of the Jet Pack which was introduced a while back but has since been delayed to work on issues with it.