Instagram rolls out new 'Focus' mode for incredible pictures, videos

Instagram To Introduce “Nametags”: A Copy Of Snapchat's SnapCodes

The company is also introducing Mentions stickers to allow users to tag friends in Stories. They will get all the shared items from their profile downloaded, including Photos, Videos and more.

The feature gives Instagram an edge over competitor Snapchat, TechCrunch reported, which has floundered a bit recently in the wake of an unpopular redesign and negative press attention from an advertisement poking fun at domestic violence.

Popular image and video sharing platform Instagram announced that the users will soon be able to download a copy of their content posted.

Instagram has been insulated to the revenue drive of platforms like its parent company, Facebook, and WhatsApp, another sibling subsidiary.

There's also no word on whether it will let you download the images you've shared in their original quality, or whether the files will be compressed to a lower-resolution. Let us know in the comments section below. Users will be able to follow the account by simply pointing their camera to the Nametags. Be it the Stories feature or the special effects like facial masks and texts, all of it were imitated by Facebook-owned Instagram.

"As soon as there's someone in the shot, you'll notice the person stays in focus while the background softly blurs - making sure they stand out in a striking way", Instagram said in a statement.

Instagram wants to take good care of the information its users share, following the data privacy scandal that resulted in a major outcry. So far Instagram locked all the information uploaded to it, with no easy way to download any of it back. While the new tool will comply with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it would also double as a locally-stored backup of the feeds.

Since Instagram doesn't have a feature with which a user can download a copy of their own data, the other third party apps and platforms earn huge money by providing such services.