John Krasinski Is Hoping to Terrify Us With 'A Quiet Place'

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

Hollywood star John Krasinski has a newfound love for his wife Emily Blunt after working with her on their new movie, "A Quiet Place", which also stars in pivotal roles.

The film Krasinski eventually agreed to direct and star in with his wife, Emily Blunt, holds a 100 percent positive rating on the review aggregator after its showing last month at South by Southwest and premiering Monday in Los Angeles. While Fallon crowned Krasinski as an official New Yorker since "The Office" alum and his family recently moved back to the city, the Newton native didn't exactly have a great experience during his first stay in NY. "You married Emily Blunt?'" the 38-year-old laughed, adding that the man then furiously stamped his passport and told him to "just go".

Well, regardless of what any customs agent thinks, we think Blunt and Krasinski are couple goals personified. She further told the magazine, "I think I'd prefer them to watch me in "Mary Poppins Returns".

The actors have their new horror movie, A Quiet Place, debuting this week where the pair were asked about tackling Fantastic Four.

The actor is now promoting his new horror film A Quiet Place, which he co-wrote and directed, and features himself and Emily, 35, in the central roles.

"He said, "It says here that you're an actor". All the agent had to say about that was, "You?!".

"For me, when I was coming up with ideas, I always had Emily in mind for the movie", Krasinski said.

New York City's iconic locations and generous filming incentive support have turned it into one of America's top production hubs and the most popular place in the U.S. for TV drama pilots this spring.

Last week I got to sit down with John Krasinski for an exclusive video interview.