Man, 83, set to be executed for judge's mail-bomb slaying

Aging death row Is executing old or infirm inmates cruel

Moody, who was 83, was put to death via lethal injection and was pronounced at 8:42 p.m. on Thursday night. He was later convicted in state court in 1996 and sentenced to death for Mr Vance's murder.

It was the eighth execution this year in the US.

The appeal to save Moody's life had been filed with the US Supreme Court.

Moody replaced John Nixon, who was 77 when put to death in December 2005 in MS, as the oldest person executed since the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976, according to the Death Penalty Information Center, which monitors U.S. capital punishment.

Last night, Walter Leory Moody, Jr. became the oldest inmate to be executed, according to the New York Times. "Justice has been served". One was sent to the home of Vance, a federal appeals court judge, who Moody was angry at for not overturning his 1972 bomb-possession case.

Moody's reign of terror - deadly bombings and thwarted attacks in three Southern states, as well as menacing letters to judges and the media - raised fears of racial violence and unsettled the federal judiciary. His attorneys argued that his age and vein condition would make lethal injection more hard.

Moody turned down a final meal from the state and instead ate two Philly cheese steak sandwiches and drinking two Dr Peppers during a visit with friends and attorneys at the correctional facility before being executed.

In 1991 he was given seven years life sentences in a district court in USA for the deadly bombing series.

On January 25, another Alabama death row inmate, Vernon Madison, was granted a stay of execution just 30 minutes before his scheduled execution, when the US Supreme Court granted a temporary stay of execution.

Lawyers for Moody asked the Supreme Court to spare Moody's life based on his transfer from the federal court system to Alabama's but this application failed.

"I'm not a psychiatrist, but if you're talking about using labels like psychopath, this seems to be the kind of person that would fit that description because of absolute lack of empathy or concern for others", Mr Vance said.

The brief read in part: "The Attorney General, Jefferson B. Sessions, III, informed the undersigned Deputy Assistant Attorney General ... that the United States waives its right to exclusive custody of petitioner Walter Leroy Moody and consents to his custody in Alabama for purposes of carrying out the capital sentence imposed on Monday in Alabama".

"Thirty years is too long to carry out a sentence".

Up until Thursday evening, John Nixon was the oldest prisoner executed when he was put to death at the age of 77 in December 2005 in Mississippi. A device linked to Moody killed Robert E. Robinson, a black civil rights attorney from Savannah, Georgia.