Man City find their 'perfect' match with Tinder deal

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"We believe this will be a ideal match for Tinder and for City". "Tinder requires you provide additional Facebook permissions in order to use a Tinder account". The problem, Tinder says, has since been fixed. So now that Facebook is tweaking the way in which it works with these independent apps, things are getting a bit hairy.

Roderick Hsiao, a senior software engineer at Tinder, tweeted that users could still access the service through its web browser while engineers worked on fixing the mobile client.

Facebook's CTO announced a slew of new privacy measures on Wednesday afternoon as a response to the ongoing criticism the social media company has faced regarding its handling of user data. The adjustments are created to limit the information apps can gather from users following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which Facebook now says affected 87 million users, up from the "approximately" 270,000 initially reported by the social media giant in March.

Facebook head honcho Mark Zuckerberg conducted a Q and A with members of the press about protecting user information on Wednesday; the transcript can be read in full here.

Angry Tinder users have taken to Twitter to complain they were locked out of their accounts after Facebook changed its settings following the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

This post has been updated to note that you can log into Tinder with a phone number, and not just a Facebook profile as previously stated. Well, you can of course loop it.

Twitterati had a field day after the dating app crashed. "Bravo to Facebook for being considerate of their only valuable product". Basically, it would appear that Facebook has revoked Tinder's permissions, which also means that it's revoked your ability to meet and potentially fall in love with new people.

Tinder users have been left scrambling after users saw their messages and matches disappear.

Around three hours later, Tinder confirmed the issue had been resolved.