New Overwatch Uprising Event Must Explain Blackwatch and Talon Motives

The Overwatch Uprising event is returning in 2018

The seasonal event will also feature the return of more than 100 loot box items that reveal the stories of the original members of Overwatch, while bringing in some new items for the second run. "Uprising" is a major event in the game's lore as it depicts the team's liberation of Kingsrow from a heinous attack by the Omnix terrorist organization called Null Sector.

Players that didn't get a chance to take part in the Overwatch Uprising event are getting another chance when April rolls around, as Blizzard is once again putting the event into the game to give players a chance at over a hundred different cosmetic items as they play through the mission.

The Uprising mode is a four-player co-op mission where players can team up and fight wave after wave of Omnic robots during Tracer's first mission as an Overwatch agent.

Blizzard has announced that Overwatch Uprising is coming back next month.

There are some theories among players that the upcoming event might not be about the Omnics Uprising that took 7 years ago. This was wildly successful the first time around, with the Google Trends tracking of Overwatch showing that the game hasn't reached a popularity equal to the last one since it ended. The most that fans know about Blackwatch is that the team used tactics that were unfavorable to the public (like assassination, torture, kidnapping, and other methods). Could this be the moment when Blackwatch turns on Overwatch?

Gabriel Reyes (Reaper), leader of Blackwatch, led an internal rebellion with Blackwatch operatives against Overwatch commander Jack Morrison (Soldier: 76).

For Overwatch fans, Christmas has just come really, really early. More information is expected to appear before its launch.