Nothing Thrills Stephen Colbert More Than a New Trump Nickname

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Now that the smoke has been cleared out of The Late Show's studio, Stephen Colbert can think clearly again and there's something he needs to say. "He does and she seems happier with him", Colbert said. Featuring bandleader Jon Batiste and his band Stay Human, the show is broadcast from the historic and newly renovated Ed Sullivan Theater.

Stephen Colbert took aim at an unusual target Thursday night... CNN.

A multi-talented and respected host, writer, producer, satirist and comedian, Colbert is well-known for his previous late night show, "The Colbert Report", which concluded on Friday, Dec. 18, 2014. "Colbert asked. "'I would never cheat on my wife-with her.

Donald Trump, the man who had a penchant for handing out mean nicknames to all of his political competitors, now has a new unpleasant nickname for himself! This morning, CNN had an article about it, which was nice, but the headline was, 'Look Who's Playing John Bolton on SNL.' Fake.

"Fake news. I take everything back!"

Colbert also noted that, in response to the controversy, businesses have ended their associations with the social media network, in particularly Playboy magazine. The current headline on CNN's website reads: "Iconic "SNL" star spoofs Trump staffing pick". "Come on CNN, this isn't SNL unless SNL stands for Stephen's Nightly Laughs".

"It was a Wednesday, we tape during the daytime, and we're not live!"

"You got three things wrong in three letters", Colbert quipped. Colbert continued. "Still, it's nice just to be recognized, so uh... thank you, MSNBC".

Stephen Colbert finally found something to agree with President Trump about.