Police hunt woman accused of killing her husband, then her look-alike

South China Morning Post

The wife´s family demanded a Hindu cremation while the husband´s relatives asked that she be buried in accordance with Islamic tradition, close to her husband´s grave. - A nationwide search is underway for a Minnesota woman accused of killing her husband and a 59-year-old woman in two different states. The authorities after further investigations informed that Riess flew to Florida, befriended her twin and killed her. Authorities began looking for Riess since last month after her husband David Riess was found dead of multiple gunshot wounds.

Police said Riess is believed to have driven south, hitting a casino in Iowa before arriving in Florida. She's just giving to a fault, to her death.

Lee County Sheriff's Office shared Ann Riess description!

He had been shot several times and had been dead for an "undetermined amount of time", authorities said. Minnesota authorities have charged her with second-degree murder in David Riess' death.

At a press conference, Lee County Undersheriff Carmine Marceno described Reiss as a "dangerous fugitive" and said she should not be approached. "Yet she is calculated, she's targeted and she's an absolute cold-blooded killer", he said. More public advisories went out, with more photos of the grandmotherly woman and the vehicle she was believed to be travelling in, which was now the auto of the woman police think she killed.

Ford said she stays at Metcalf's home periodically and she returned Friday the day before his arrest.

She said that as Barbadian women had learnt the red flags to look for, they were turning away these men, who had turned to immigrants, who were vulnerable because they came here to find a better life. The Florida investigators believe that she drove 1,300 miles along the gulf coast to Louisiana and Texas.

The woman denied all the accusations levelled by the man, adding that he had been calling her many times to show that he wanted to help her after knowing that she was reeling under a financial problem.