Snapchat Finally Enables iPhone X-Exclusive Filters

Another detail you will notice is how the background gets blurred when these Lenses are in use.

The new face layers are a carnival mask, a Day of the Dead-like option and a shimmery gold thing that's rather gold, shimmery and resides on your face.

This marks the first time Snapchat has implemented Apple's TrueDepth camera technology in its lenses selfie feature.

With so much about data privacy issues going on these days, not to mention Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal, it is only fair to ask how much of TrueDepth camera data does Apple share with third-party apps like Snapchat.

Unlike traditional Lenses that rely on information from a phone's 2D camera to recognize dominant facial features, like a user's eyebrows and mouth, iPhone X Lenses tap into data produced by TrueDepth. They make use of the iPhone X's TrueDepth front camera to make them look more realistic.

It has just rolled out three new filters including the Warrior's mask, a tiara and an "ornate, bejewelled" face mask.

According to The Verge, Snapchat's Lenses are created to reflect the surrounding light in a more realistic manner. Well, roughly seven months later, iPhone X users are now starting to see the three special lenses pop up on their devices. This, according to The Verge, could mean that Snap is also not allowed to make use of this data for targeting ads.

With the iPhone X still fresh in everybody's collective consciousness, it seems very unlikely for Apple to come forward with another tech marvel.

We will probably see such lenses tailor made for the iPhone X in the future and could probably make Snapchat more interesting for the select few that own the iPhone X. Those 3D objects can also reflect and react to ambient lighting, producing shadows and highlights that follow the contours of your face and the surroundings.

During Apple's iPhone announcements, the company typically likes to bring other companies onstage where they will also be announcing partnerships or certain exclusive features.