Spotify and Hulu Team Up For $13 All You-Can-Stream Subscription

Spotify Free users could be about to get a serious boost — here's why

Spotify and Hulu want to make things at least a tad easier for you, offering a new Hulu Spotify bundle that gives you services from both companies for just one low price of $12.99. The basic subscription package costs $9.99 a month. First, you have to be an existing Spotify Premium subscriber in order to purchase the bundle at this time - it will be available to others in the summer. Normally, you'd pay $9.99 and $7.99 per month for Spotify and Hulu, respectively.

Existing Spotify Premium subscribers can take advantage of a special introductory offer by upgrading their existing Premium plan to Spotify Premium, now with Hulu. The offer seems to be valid in the United Kingdom and North America but may not be available in every country, check out the terms and conditions for more information.

Spotify and Hulu have extended their partnership beyond an offer for students to bundle their music and TV streaming services in a single plan open to anyone.

Spotify and Hulu have announced a new combined monthly subscription for $12.99, Variety reports. Even when the price increases to the full $12.99 per month, it's far less than paying for both on their own. Currently, Spotify's free tier prevents mobile users from selecting specific tracks in a playlist; users listen to whatever track comes next in shuffle mode. Some music also hits the free service a little later than the paid one, and a limited number of songs are entirely unavailable on the free plan.

Starting today, existing Spotify Premium customers can sign up for a three-month Hulu trial for 99 cents (but only if they are new to Hulu). This Hulu and Spotify bundled offer does offer some value at $13 for both and will be interesting to watch and see if it gains wide appeal, causing digital and legacy competitors alike to respond.