Today, April 22, is International Earth Day

Group Marks Earth Day  March for Science to Tackle Plastic Pollution

Earth Day Network is observing the Earth Day with the theme "End Plastic Pollution" and focus on changing the human attitude and behaviour about plastics.

Earth Day is being celebrated on April 22 with various events across the globe to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

Now, around one billion people in 192 countries are involved in Earth Day events each year, which include signing petitions, meeting officials, planting trees, and cleaning up their towns and roads. Plastic pollution is a globally prevalent issue that must be urgently addressed. So, it is even more urgent that we come together in a smart partnership with all sectors and communities to clean out the plastic pollution and ensure clean and pristine waters dominate the million square miles that comprise the Caribbean.

The day also sees public awareness drives across the planet regarding the challenges it faces and how to overcome them to make life in it sustainable.

Dubai marked World Earth Day 2018 in a really unique way, getting a Guinness World Record for forming the longest line of plastic bottles using 58,447 used bottles. We also salute the destinations that have already begun to ban plastic checkout bags for groceries or other merchandise.

The Earth Day Network, organizers of the annual campaign, says that 300 million tons of fossil fuel-based plastics are sold every year and 90% of it is thrown away, with a high percentage ending up in our oceans, landfills, and wildlife. By sharing these successes we hope to encourage and inspire more business to find plastic-free solutions.

He said government is developing a National Policy on Plastic Waste Management, while also implementing a National Plastic Waste Recycling Programme.

End Plastic Pollution aims to lead a worldwide grassroots movement, which will focus on regulating plastic pollution.