Traveling This Weekend? Here is What to Expect

Snow expected in New York City on Monday

Some wet snow may also fall on the zone from Washington, D.C., to Philadelphia and perhaps as far north as New York City on Monday. Two to five inches of snow are possible in the Eastern Panhandle counties of Berkeley and Jefferson.

The weather service warns of slippery road conditions and reduced visibilities, including during the Monday morning commute. Travel will be slow at best, to hard in locations that pick up more than 4 inches of snow.

Monday's snow also pushed back the Yankees home opener game until Tuesday.

If you are not interested in wrestling Mother Nature, Easter Sunday will be a better day to travel across MI.

Monday's snowstorm was the fifth in the area after four nor'easters in March. The record for April is 8 inches, set in 1920. It may not be over yet.

The last time NYC saw April snow showers was in 2006 although it was less than an inch. "The average snowfall for Champaign-Urbana in April is 0.20" of snow". Newborn calves are being delivered this time of year, and they are more fragile to the cold conditions. The snow will pick up in intensity on Tuesday when another 4 to 7 inches is likely. The snow depth decreased from the 14 inches found at the beginning of the month.

Gehrke measured 32.1 inches (812 millimeters) of snow with a metal rod, one of hundreds of manual and electronic readings the state uses to gauge Sierra snowpack. A record 38 inches of snow was on the ground on March 31 in that painful spring of 1965.

Some of that snow might reach portions of the interior Northeast (mainly western Pennsylvania into upstate NY and northern New England) Saturday night into early Sunday.

"It's impossible to predict the exact location and intensity of mesoscale convective snow bands - the parts of the storm where snow just "pours" from the sky".