Trump uses phrase that haunted Bush: 'Mission Accomplished!'

MANDEL NGAN  AFP  Getty Images		President Trump addresses the nation on the situation in Syria on Friday at the White House

The reaction was swift: Twitter users and political punditsimmediately drew parallels with President George W. Bush's now-infamous 2003 speech just over a month into the Iraq war, in which he announced an end to "major combat operations" in Iraqunder a "Mission Accomplished" banner.

The US leader was criticised for making the triumphant declaration which was first used on a banner backdrop in a televised address by George W Bush, only six weeks after the beginning of the Iraq War in 2003. "I knew they would seize on this but felt it is". Jennifer Cafarella, the senior intelligence planner at the Institute for the Study of War, explained: "The strikes will reaffirm President Trump's commitment to deterring chemical weapons use but will not solve the Syria problem".

Vice President Mike Pence also commented on the strikes by stating that the strikes that hit Syria "degraded and crippled chemical weapons capabilities in the country".

Before the United States launched their airstrikes in Syria, they did not reach the Damascus suburb of Douma where the attack took place.

President Donald Trump's recent air strike on Syria was controversial enough, but his tweets about the operation drew a wave of backlash on social media. "Thank you to France and the United Kingdom for their wisdom and the power of their fine Military", he wrote on Saturday.

Donald Trump claimed the limited airstrikes were "perfectly executed" and that he "could not have had a better result".

Haley said the joint military strike "put a heavy blow into their chemical weapons program, setting them back years" and reiterated that if Assad uses poison gas again, "the United States is locked and loaded".

Bush, in October 2003, disavowed any connection with the "Mission Accomplished" message.

Dana White, the chief Pentagon spokesperson, backed Trump's remark throughout a briefing on the in a single day bombing raid of the Syrian targets.

The criticism of Trump - which came from a number of members of his own party - was that he seemed to lack an understanding of how the term has been used historically. In hitting three sites associated with Assad's chemical weapons capabilities, limiting it to a single night and conducting it in conjunction with Britain and France, they said it sent a message while avoiding a deeper involvement and minimising the risk of provoking Syria's patrons, Russian Federation and Iran, into retaliating themselves.

Asked about Trump's "Mission Accomplished" assertion, White said it pointed to the successful targeting of the three Syrian chemical weapons sites.