US Vice President expects NAFTA deal within weeks

Eduardo Solis President of the Mexican Automotive Industry Association, speaks during an interview with Reuters in Mexico City Mexico

Lerner has long advised Haley, formerly South Carolina's governor, and has a strong relationship with Pence's chief of staff, Nick Ayers, who supported Haley's gubernatorial bid while he was head of the Republican Governors Association.

"To send American Astronauts back to the moon, where we will establish the capacity with global and Commercial partners to send Americans to mars", said Vice President Pence.

Pence met with Julio Borges, a Venezuelan opposition lawmaker and former speaker of the National Assembly, David Smolansky, former mayor of the city of El Hatillo, Carlos Vecchio, political coordinator of the Popular Will party he co-founded with opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, and Antonio Ledezma, former mayor of Caracas.

At the same time, he warned that the USA was prepared to "sustain this effort if necessary", though he expressed hopes that the combination of strikes and condemnation from countries like Canada would see Syria abandon such weapons.

For his part, Pence thanked Canada for backing the strikes and echoed Trump, British Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron in saying Syria's chemical-weapons facilities had been "degraded and crippled".

But much of his focus involved relationships closer to home.

The US Vice President said the topic of funding for the border wall did not come up in the meeting, while acknowledging that the two countries have differences.

Pence told Pena Nieto he looked forward to discussing the North American Free Trade Agreement and a "broad range of issues".

Pence is the chairman of the National Space Council and he spoke about touring the country to see different projects being worked on, including a new Mars lander being developed here in Colorado and "the world's most powerful rocket" in Huntsville, Alabama.

Pence left the summit late Friday so he could confer with US congressional leaders by telephone from his hotel suite about Trump's plans to announce the missile strikes.

The United States is getting serious about space junk, according to Vice President Mike Pence.