Westworld finally reveals the park's location in its season two premiere

Westworld’ will kick off its second season this Sunday. John P. Johnson  HBO

Water is a recurring theme in the first episode - even in the opening credits, the desert imagery of Season 1 has largely been replaced with shots of the new ocean, interspersed with images of a cowboy hat sinking, hinting that the mystery of Teddy's apparent demise will likely play a large part in the season moving forward.

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Poor Teddy (James Marsden) has always seemed to be about two steps behind everyone else, but Dolores won't take it any longer.

The premiere picks up right where season one left off: after the host massacre Ford initiated.


Many people in the facility have been killed by hosts, but Maeve protects Lee under the condition that he leads her to her daughter, a host who is located in a different park than Westworld now.

The host is none other than Dolores' father, Peter Abernathy, who has all the smuggled code Charlotte is stealing from the park. When Strand asks Bernard if he's regained any of his memory and if he knows why these hosts are all dead, Bernard responds with "I killed them".

At this point we know Dolores is out of control, but is it her own free will, or is she still acting out Ford's narrative? A for effort, Teddy! Guess we'll have to wait and find out.

HBO is promoting Westworld as their new flagship series as Game of Thrones has been winding down its 8-season run.

She later comes to life mid-operation in the Delos lab and forces two human technicians to give her administrative privileges and stage a breakout with wild bandit hosts Hector and Armistice. As she was about to escape the park into the real world via a subway, she turned back in search of the daughter that haunts her dreams.

The episode begins with Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) speaking to Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) in diagnostics, flashes through a few of the scenes that took place in season one, and then Bernard wakes up on a beach. Bodies are all over the town, including that of Ford's-decomposing and rotting as they fell.

Of course we're going to continue theorizing, sleuthing, and combing through every frame of each new episode. They find a dead bengal tiger along the way, and a comment is made how far the animal is from where it's supposed to be and that nothing has ever crossed from one park to the other. The group learns that there is a group of hosts accumulated together, but upon finding them they come across a vast sea that no one knew was in existence. As shown in tonight's episode, titled "Journey Into Night", the rest of the principal cast of Westworld survived Dolores's deadly attack on the gala. They head for a station a couple miles away, but it's a trap and everyone is murdered except Bernard and Charlotte, who figured out what was about to happen moments before it did.

Westworld's second season debuts on Sunday at 9 PM ET, almost a year and a half after the first season concluded, and you're not going to want to miss it.