Amazon Alexa Coders Can Now Use 8 Different Voices in Their Skills

Alexa's voice apps get 8 new voices

An Alexa app, pre-installed on the computer will let the users call up the assistant and see any information like weather forecasts, music albums and more on display. For example, you can give a different voice to each character in adventure stories and games.

Amazon has started rolling out an app update that will bring Alexa, the voice assistant that powers Amazon's smart speakers, to the Android platform. Now, developers can leverage Polly to add additional natural-sounding voices to their skills.

Amazon Polly enables developers to provide their applications with an enhanced visual experience such as speech-synchronized facial animation or karaoke-style word highlighting. Polly uses advanced deep learning technologies to synthesise speech that sounds like a human voice.

Amazon (amzn) said that developers who are accepted to test the voices will be able to use them for free, but that will likely change when the voices are available to the general public to be used outside of a preview.

The idea is to trick the user into opening a malicious app by using voice triggers similar to the ones of authentic apps, and using the malicious apps to either phish users for sensitive data or eavesdrop on their surroundings.

Amazon now has a number of different voices with different dialects and accents developers can now bundle into their skills, according to the company's website.