Austin-area Boy Scouts leader reacts to name change

Twitter meltdown after Boy Scouts announces ‘gender neutral’ name change

Confusing matters, the master brand for the umbrella organization that runs the new BSA along with the Cub Scouts will still be called the Boy Scouts of America. "Liberals tell us that masculinity is "toxic" and that girls can be boys and boys should no longer be boys", he continued. There is a strong emphasis on gender division within the program and activities will be divided by gender as more girls participate. For example, a year ago GSUSA launched a STEM pipeline program, with plans to roll out 18 Cybersecurity and additional Space Science badges. The organization is expanding corporate partnerships in both those areas, and developing a Girl Scout Network Page on LinkedIn to support career advancement for former Girl Scouts.

Chief Scout Executive Mike Surbaugh unveiled the group's "Scout Me In" marketing campaign aimed at promoting inclusiveness. The new name was meant to be a welcoming sign to girls who will start joining the program next year. (This is true, however the requirements are also lower for older women and drill sergeants expect recruits to significantly exceed these minimum expectations.) "Perhaps separate Scouting programs for boys and girls isn't so insane after all".

On Wednesday, the organization revealed its new gender inclusive campaign, "Scout Me In", which aims to welcome both boys and girls to the organization.

Neely is now a Senior Girl Scout with ten years of experience underneath her belt.

"It's not just for boys, but girls can do it too", said Kaitryn Neely.

But she also joined the ranks of the first 3,500 girls to become Cub Scouts in January, after the Boy Scouts of America announced that it was creating a program for girls last fall. He also stated had this name change occurred during World War II, Germany would have taken over Americans.

Not only do Gold Award projects help communities, they also give girls important leadership skills, teaching them to seek out the work that needs doing in the world.

"We've always had the word "girls" in Girl Scouts, because it's indicative of where our focus is", she said. In its peak in the 1970s, the Boy Scouts of America had close to five million members, but this year, the organization said they had about 1.25 million Cub Scouts and over 800,000 Boy Scouts.

"It is important that all youth can see themselves in scouting in every way possible", he said. That includes 23 new merit badges focusing on outdoors and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).