Australian Budget announces increased focus on smart economy and medical sector

Govt bans super exit fees

Australia's Digital Transformation Agency has been allocated AU $700,000 (USD 521,000) by the Australian Government.

The government is continuing to equip Australians with the skills they need to innovate and make the most of opportunities offered by technology and science.

In a press release titled "Federal Budget provides little relief for Australia's motorists", the AAA went on the front foot, denouncing the government for allowing road infrastructure investment to decline "by nearly $2 billion over the forward estimates", relative to the forward estimates of the previous budget.

"This Budget fails to appropriately reinvest the taxes paid by Australian motorists in the programs so desperately needed to improve safety, affordability, and mobility", Bradley was also quoted as saying in the press release.

The Australian government has always been receptive to blockchain technology. "It must have the capability to meet core responsibilities and deliver functions, and to understand and deploy technology and data to drive improvement".

During an assembly of global astronautical held last September in Adelaide, the government has displayed its intention to build a domestic space agency.

As of February, there were 13 entities participating in NPP: ANZ, Australian Settlements Limited (ASL), Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Citigroup, CBA, Cuscal, HSBC Bank Australia, Indue, ING Australia, Macquarie Bank, NAB, the RBA, and Westpac.

"The 2018-19 Budget will invest in key platforms and technology to improve people's experience of government services online, including digital identity and blockchain", the DTA wrote.

The next few years are set to be good ones for infrastructure projects around the country. These changes, which will come into effect on 1 July 2018, are estimated to have a gain to the budget of A$2.0 billion over the next four years.

Funding of $10.1 million over three years will be provided to digitise important and now paper workflows at the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority.

The Government has been slammed for offering no new policy initiatives or investment into Australia's live music scene following last night's budget announce, while the ABC is set to lose $84 million over the coming years.

Lastly, the Bureau of Meteorology will be improving security and resilience across its IT systems under tranche two of its upgrade program, with the expenditure not for publication.

A $1.9 billion investment in research infrastructure over 12 years will support Australia's world-class research sector which has made breakthroughs like a new needle-free way to deliver vaccines and the cervical cancer vaccine.

"The detailed business case will provide options for improving how businesses interact with government, and will be considered in the 2019-20 Budget", budget documents state.

Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison handed down the 2018 budget yesterday and promptly copped a swipe from the Australian Automotive Association (AAA).