British toddler in legal battle dead after life support withdrawn

Journalists outside Alder Hey. Credit PA

Thomas Evans, along with his wife Kate, wrote on Facebook they are "absolutely heartbroken" over the death of their young son.

Alfie, who was born on May 9, 2016, was admitted to the hospital when he was 7 months old, after suffering seizures.

Under British law, courts are asked to intervene when parents and doctors disagree on the treatment of a child.

The case drew worldwide support including from Pope Francis, who asked that "their desire to seek new forms of treatment may be granted".

Dozens of Alfie's supporters gathered at Springfield Park, next door to the Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool, after the news of his death. But Alfie's doctors, who took him off life support against his parents' wishes, said he couldn't be healed and shouldn't make the trip.

Steven Woolfe, Member of the European Parliament, who is pushing to change the law in the United Kingdom "in favour of parents", tweeted, "I am devastated by the passing of little Alfie, who has been a fighter throughout".

The RC Archbishop of Liverpool, Malcolm McMahon, said: "All who have been touched by the story of this little boy's heroic struggle for life will feel this loss deeply".

- Ailing toddler Alfie Evans, whose plight has tugged at the world's heartstrings throughout the past week, died in the early hours of Saturday morning after being removed from life support.

"I am deeply moved by the death of little Alfie", he posted on Twitter.

Hospital bosses say they are "liaising directly" with the family after disagreements over his treatment.

Alfie's case sparked a medical ethics debate that resonated around the world.

On an interview with RadioWnet, she said: "The doctors at the hospital in Liverpool have approached the High Court for permission to unplug the child from his life support machinery, claiming it will be in his best interests.But the child is not a dying child".

"Our hearts are broken".

"Thomas [Sarah's brother and Alfie's dad] just wants to thank you all for the support you've all shown".

"Very sad to hear about the death of little Alfie Evans".

Following Alder Hey hospital receiving abuse from the public, Alfie's father called on the public to go back to their everyday lives as he and his family took the time to grieve the loss of their baby son.

He thanked the hospital staff "for their dignity and professionalism during what must be an incredibly hard time for them too".

- Senator Ted Cruz (@SenTedCruz)I urge the United Kingdom gov to grant the Evans family's request to treat their precious child in Italy.

Officials in largely Catholic Poland and Italy have implicitly criticized Britain's courts and state-run National Health Service on the case.

A group of about 200 protesters tries to storm Alder Hey hospital, where Alfie has been receiving treatment.