Google's Virtual Assistant Mimics Human Voice To Book Appointments

Google's Virtual Assistant Mimics Human Voice To Book Appointments

The overhaul to the popular voice assistant comes as a move to make it smarter and compete with the recent upgrades Siri and Alexa have received.

The assistant may also soon be talking with ordinary people at businesses for tasks such as restaurant reservations, although the feature is still in development. One of the best bit of the presentation was when the AI assistant made some human pauses where it said "mmm-hmms" to feel more like a real human voice while making call with real people.

Google has been pushing its AI boundaries with Pichai declaring: "It is clear technology can be a positive force but it's equally clear we can't just be wide-eyed".

The improvements include more natural pauses "that have meaning" and other subtleties to help create a "more natural dialogue" with Assistant.

This artificial intelligence has been applied to several new features, including Adaptive Battery which prioritises power to the apps used most, while Adaptive Brightness automatically tweaks screen brightness. The changes are coming in the next two months.

"The fantastic thing is that Assistant can actually understand the nuances of conversation", Pichar said.

Maps will also be getting a new tab called "For You" that will be the home for recommendations the app the tailored just for you. The button/slider completely changes the way Android has worked from the beginning and its good a sign that we're finally going to see Android go head-to-head with iOS in terms of quality, good UI and stability.

Android P is also packed with a host of machine learning or AI powered capabilities that should improve a users experience when using their phone. Owners of Google's own Pixel phones will get the updates most quickly. There is a new "Shush" feature. This means outside developers can embed Google Assistant controls directly into their products.

To make Google Assistant more user friendly, a feature of "continued conversation" was introduced where a user would not have to say "OK Google" repeatedly and can follow up the conversation.

Having been recently redesigned, Gmail is now adding Smart Compose, which can understand context in emails and offer predictive phrase options to speed up the writing process.