Has Israel acted appropriately at the Gaza border?

19:48Mike Pompeo, Jordan's King Agree on 'Urgent Need' to Confront Iran in Syria

Israeli troops shot and killed three Palestinian terrorists along the border with the Gaza Strip in two separate incidents on Sunday, the IDF said. The second was taken into custody for questioning.

Pompeo's visit is also taking place just two weeks before the planned May 14 opening of the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem and expected massive Palestinian protests the following day.

Forty-eight Palestinians have been killed and hundreds injured by Israeli fire since regular protests and clashes broke out along the Gaza border on March 30.

He said the de-escalation zone in south Syria is an example of successful cooperation between Jordan, the USA and Russian Federation that prevented further bloodshed and destruction in the area.

The parties will ultimately make the decision about what the right resolution is.

In remarks broadcast on state television, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei reiterated longstanding calls for the USA to "leave" the Middle East, which he called Iran's home, and said any power seeking to challenge Iran would be defeated. "Know that it is an incredible priority for the United States to provide whatever assistance we can to allow the two parties to come to a resolution", he remarked. We certainly believe the Israelis and Palestinians need to have political engagement. "I will discuss with him developments in the region, Iran's growing aggression and - of course - the nuclear agreement with Iran, about which there will be a decision soon", Netanyahu said at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting.

Although the White House sponsored a conference on aid to Gaza last month, the Palestinians did not attend. "We urge the Palestinians to return to that political dialogue", he added, without making a similar call on Israel.

A senior Israeli officer told the Ha'aretz newspaper that most of the army's killings of Palestinians during the Gaza-border protests resulted from snipers aiming at demonstrators' legs, with the killings an unintentional outcome after a protester bent down, a sniper missed or a bullet ricocheted.

The Palestinians have essentially boycotted contacts with the USA since Trump announced in December that the United States was recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

"We do believe the Israelis have the right to defend themselves, and we're fully supportive of that", said the newly-appointed American top diplomat in a joint press conference with his Jordanian counterpart Ayman Safadi in capital Amman on Monday, as he wrapped up his four-day, four-nation tour through the Middle East.