North and South Korean time zones get in sync

Korea Summit Press Pool via AP      
                                               Konstantin Asmolov

Leader Kim Jong-un promised the move during the meeting at Panmunjom in the Demilitarized Zone that divides the peninsula, when he and the South's President Moon Jae-in pledged to pursue denuclearisation and a peace treaty.

Trump had suggested during his campaign that he was open to potentially reduce USA troop presence in South Korea and Japan.

Amid the recent diplomatic breakthrough in the relations between the two Koreas, the countries have managed to set a common time for the entire territory of the Korean Peninsula, the Korean Central News Agency reported Friday.

"Recovery time is the first practical step taken after the historic third meeting between the DPRK and South Korea at the highest level to accelerate the process of unification of the North and South and the transformation of their differences in common objects", - stated in the message.

It wasn't immediately clear when the location or date would be publicly revealed. "We'll be announcing it soon", Trump told reporters on May 4 outside the White House before he departed for a trip to Dallas. But momentum for diplomacy has built this year as the rival Koreas have patched up ties.

North Korea has long sought the removal of those troops as one of its condition for denuclearization. But his exact demands for relinquishing weapons that his nation spent decades building remains unclear.

Meanwhile, Trump also disputed a published report that he had asked the Pentagon to present a plan for the withdrawal or reduction of US forces stationed in South Korea, saying such a move was "not on the table".

The US president added, however: "Now I have to tell you, at some point into the future, I would like to save the money". "And a lot of things have already happened, with respect to the hostages".

Trump also said that he was not considering reducing the USA military's presence in South Korea as part of the negotiations. But they acknowledged that a peace treaty between the two Koreas could diminish the need for the 28,500 soldiers now stationed on the peninsula.

The officials declined to say whether Trump was seeking options for a full or partial reduction but stressed that rethinking the size and configuration of the force was overdue.