Police took Richie Incognito to mental hospital following freakish gym incident


Incognito had the police called on him at a gym in Florida after allegedly throwing a dumbbell at a man during an altercation.

Incognito was out of football for 18 months before the Bills signed him to a one-year contract.

A man called 911, claiming Incognito attacked him.

"I'm definitely not a choir boy", Incognito said.

An investigation revealed Incognito had thrown a tennis ball at fellow gym patron Mark O'Brien and brushed his leg with a weight sled.

Incognito told police: "I'm running NSA class level 3 documents through my phone".

Police who arrived at the scene told Mark that they would be taking Incognito to the hospital and mentioned that he was saying the "government was after him".

'I'm thankful I didn't get hurt.

"I haven't touched base with him", Bills guard Ryan Groy said Thursday.

The report also states that Incognito took the over-the-counter supplement "Shroom Tech", his hands were shaking, his speech was erratic and that he would "suddenly jump up and move locations without warning".

In March, Incognito agreed to take a pay cut from the Bills, but after expressing excitement at being able to stay with the team, he later fired his agent via Twitter. 'Obviously he was not doing well this morning and took it out on me a little bit'. This paranoia, police investigators concluded, was the reason he threw a tennis ball and a weight at another gym-goer and ultimately was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold under the Baker Act.

Many were shocked when Incognito announced his retirement from the Bills in April after 11 seasons in the NFL.

The retirement came after Incognito and the Bills agreed to a renegotiated contract in March that included a $1.7 million pay cut in 2018, which would have been the a year ago of his contract.

Incognito was also at the center of an embarrassing national saga in 2013 when Jonathan Martin, an offensive tackle who played parts of two seasons with the Dolphins, left the team and accused Incognito, Mike Pouncey and John Jerry of racism and verbal and emotional abuse.

Incognito was suspended and eventually dropped from the Dolphins.