Project Kinect for Azure is Microsoft's AI sensor gift to devs

Project Kinect for Azure is Microsoft's AI sensor gift to devs

The Timeline feature in Microsoft Launcher might help the software giant gain more popularity among the users. Microsoft presented the feature as part of its new Microsoft 365 offering, which combines Office, Windows, and other services for businesses, enterprises, and educational institutions.

For those that use Power BI, there is new support coming for visualizations in Excel; it is now possible to extend custom visuals created for Power BI to be used in Excel.

Microsoft will also enable devices like drones and industrial equipment to take quick actions without cloud connection through "Custom Vision" which will now run on Azure IoT Edge.

In addition to the above, Microsoft is also looking to bring the power of Azure DevOps services to Github customers. Furthermore, it noted that if the application was purchased via a referral by the company - be it online advertising or similar methods - the share will drop to 85:15 in favor of the developer. "Together, we are bringing unparalleled intelligent cloud and Azure IoT capabilities to devices on the edge, creating the potential to change the game for multiple industries spanning agriculture, public safety, construction and more", says DJI executive vice president Scott Guthrie.

Microsoft's annual developer conference is today, called Build.

Meanwhile, Microsoft's fast-growing Azure Cosmos DB is getting updates such as new multi-master capabilities (supporting cloud and edge) and enhanced security through the general availability of support for Microsoft's Virtual Network (VNet) service.

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), for example, simplifies the process for building out container-based apps. The Azure Kubernetes Service will also be offered for Azure IoT Edge, the company said.

Microsoft is also releasing an update for Visual Studio App Center (via TechCrunch).

While many feel Microsoft is neglecting Windows, today's announcements at Build 2018 shows Microsoft is doing what it can, within the constraints of reality, to keep Windows relevant for regular users.