Sleeping in on weekends could extend your life

	Study Sleeping in on the weekend can add years to your life	 
      By Ladders News

We here address the association of both weekday and weekend sleep duration with overall mortality. "Well, you can, but you won't live as long". Weekend snoozers, the data showed, live just as long as those who slept enough during the week. It can give you heart problems or hurt your waistline, and it can leave you anxious and depressed.

Scientists in the Journal of Sleep Research conducted a study on the sleep patterns of adults.

He was "quite surprised" by what researchers found when they focused on that block of time.

"Sleep duration is important for longevity", said Dr Torbjorn Akerstedt, first author of the study, at the Stress Research Institute at Stockholm University, and Karolinska Institute, also in the Swedish capital.

However there is a higher mortality risk if a person is consistently getting less than five hours sleep or more than nine hours sleep, compared to people who are consistently sleeping around six to seven hours a night throughout the week.

The effect only applied to those under 65 as the mortality difference disappeared for people who were older. "Yes, if you are extremely sleep-deprived during the week, then continuing that over the weekend isn't ideal, and maybe you should think about getting a few more hours".

People who get too little sleep are at a significantly greater risk of dying early compared to those who are well-rested. They might sleep six hours or slightly less. "It's a requirement", said Grandner, director of the Sleep and Health Research Program and an assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry in the University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson. Not in the new study.

There are few things in life more satisfying than crawling into bed on Friday night knowing you'll get a well-deserved lie-on in the morning.

"It's like with your diet". The performance of sleep-deprived individuals was no different among those who reported feeling alert and those who said they felt exhausted. "Perhaps it's giving them hope that this habit is in some way good for them".