Top Office Welcomes N. Korea's Vow to Dismantle Nuclear Test Site

North Korea's last nuclear test triggered an earthquake

Taking to Twitter, the US President termed the move as "smart" and "gracious gesture".

Pyongyang said that it will detonate explosives in all tunnels of the test ground, completely block entrances, remove all observation facilities, research institutes and structures of guard units at the test-facility.

"North Korea has announced that they will dismantle Nuclear Test Site this month, ahead of the big Summit Meeting on June 12th".

Trump and Kim are scheduled to meet in Singapore on June 12 for what will be the first-ever summit of the two countries.

DPRK is an acronym for North Korea's official name, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

North Korea on Saturday said that it would dismantle its Punggye-ri nuclear test site between May 23 and May 25, pledging to blow up the tunnels in front of foreign media.

He added that the North's invitation of foreign journalists shows the country will carry out the operation in a transparent manner.

In order to accommodate the travelling journalists, North Korea said various measures would be taken including "opening territorial air space".

There, reporters will board a charter train to the nuclear test ground in an "uninhabited deep mountain area".

Punggye-ri has hosted all six of the North Korea's nuclear tests, the latest and so far, the most powerful one in September 2017, which Pyongyang said was an H-bomb.

Experts have said the pledge to dismantle the test site is a big step forward but verifying it will be hard.